Jane Batt (1847 - 27 Aug 1933) - c.1889

At Lambeth, Jane Sturch, of Mapleton-road, Euston-road, was summoned by Inspector Porter, of the L Division, for unlawfully causing her children, Charles Sturch, aged 11, Annie Sturch, aged 9, and Ellen Sturch, aged 7, to be in a street for the purpose of inducing the giving of alms, under the pretence of playing an instrument. The proceedings were taken under the 3d section of the new Act for the Prevention of Cruelty and Protection of Children. By that section offenders render themselves liable to a penalty of �25, or in default three months' imprisonment. In this case the children were found playing violins in the Walworth-road, and were taken to the station. In answer to Mr. Biron, the defendant said she was very sorry for what she had done. She had no idea of an Act of Parliament having been passed with regard to this matter. Mr. Biron said that might be so but she knew now. He would adjourn the case for a month. He warned her that if she sent the children out again she would be called upon to pay a heavy penalty. The defendant promised she would not do so, and left the Court with the children.