William Sturch

Richard Sturch (1700 - 1750)
Elizabeth ? (c. 1705 - 1737)
Robert Sturch (1696 - 1736)
Elizabeth Stockford (c. 1697 - unknown)
Date of Birth
Date of Death
1809 - Shipston on Stour, Worcestershire, England
21 Jun 1809 - Shipston on Stour, Worcestershire, England (aged 72)
William's Parentage
There was a burial for a William Sturch Sr - age 72, at Shipston in 1809, so somewhere there must be a baptism for a William Sturch born c.1737. It is important to note that the 'Sr' at that time purely signified that there was at least two �William Sturch� in Shipston - an elder and a younger one. Although it could be, it does not necessarily mean father & son combinations.
It's thought that William was a brother of the Richard Sturch that married Sarah Groves, so until William's baptism is discovered I've included him as Richard's brother. Richard's parentage is unclear, have a look at his page to see more.
William's exact parentage is not vitally important, as both Robert and Richard are the sons of Nicholas Sturch (c.1660 - 1728). Both sets of parents are included here.

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